AI Development

Together we will develop customized data science, machine learning, and AI solutions for your company. This technology provides opportunities to improve processes, optimize products and services, and develop new, data-driven business models.

We develop AI systems to solve your individual business challenges.

End-to-end development of AI solutions for companies

Developing successful AI solutions requires diverse skills and competencies: From design via data preparation and modeling to deploying and maintaining the solution. We provide end-to-end assistance right where you need us. In addition to technical expertise, we provide the necessary overall understanding to successfully introduce AI solutions. Product management, delivery process, change management: We know what it takes, and we create valuable applications alongside you.

Unique skills.
For your success with AI.

  • Professional expertise

    We combine experts from many different backgrounds with one thing in common: A passion for data, AI, and innovation. Our team strives to develop delightful solutions.

  • Experience & best practices

    We have executed many different AI use cases in over 300 projects and in various industries over the past 10 years. We know what is important and how to make your AI initiative a success story.

  • Focused on the goal

    Our team has one goal in mind: AI solutions that generate long-term added value and increase your competitiveness. That is our motivation and our promise to you.

  • Working as equals

    Mutual trust is a key element of our collaboration. We focus on collaborative work with our customers since it has the highest priority for a successful project.

AI for your business. Customized. End-to-end.

We develop AI solutions for your specific needs. These solutions can either be fully customized for you or we integrate ready-to-use AI services from the major cloud service providers, which allows us to always find the right solution for your challenges.

We use your existing IT landscape or develop new architectures for you, on-premises or in the cloud on AWS, Azure, or GCP. In any case, we make the most out of your data.

During the collaboration, we ensure that the knowledge is consistently transferred to your team. This ensures that your entire team consistently benefits from the collaboration.

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