AI Ventures

Our venture team supports AI startups throughout the entire founding process: From brainstorming to validation and even founding and scaling. Thanks to our AI expertise, we lay the foundation for the technology scale-ups of tomorrow.

We are creating the next generation of AI startups that are changing the world.

Venture building for innovative AI products of the future

Artificial intelligence already surrounds us in our daily lives. Together with ambitious founding teams, we are developing AI products and data-based business models that are changing our world. In our ventures, we combine in-depth industry knowledge, data and AI expertise with revolutionary, digital product ideas, thereby creating multi-faceted solutions that are based on artificial intelligence at their core. Our hands-on experience from developing numerous data and AI products is what drives our success. 

Our goal: AI technology.
Usable for all.

Data science, machine learning, and AI are the central driving forces for digital transformation that will create a billion-dollar market in the future. AI creates numerous possibilities for creating new business models, optimizing processes, and improving products and services. And it does so for nearly every company from every industry around the world. 

Through our ventures, we aim to make the potential of AI technology accessible to as many companies as possible so that they can take advantage of all the benefits and opportunities of these technologies. 

Venture process

Our venture team supports the founders from the onset in finances, operations, marketing, HR, and product development. And, of course, they assist with state-of-the-art AI expertise and development power.


Together, we develop an innovative AI business model, contact potential industry partners, and implement an initial proof of concept.


This is how we lay the groundwork for a successful startup: We assemble a team, develop the minimum awesome product, and find the product/market fit.


Apart from developing the product, we organize and supervise the venture's financing and founding process.

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Pitch your idea and shape the future together with us.

Do you have an innovative product idea related to data science, machine learning, or AI? But do you lack the technical expertise or execution power to develop and market your idea? Together, we will bring your idea to life. 

Whether you are an industry expert, AI enthusiast, hacker, or a born entrepreneur – we look forward to your idea. We collaborate with ambitious people from diverse areas and with various backgrounds. 

Together we shape and validate your idea, develop the initial version of the product, and found a standalone venture. With you as CEO or CTO. 

    Apply today and create a new future.

    Do you love technology? Do you live and breathe the entrepreneurial lifestyle? Do you wish to implement new AI business models but don’t have any specific ideas yet? 

    We have what you are looking for. We deliver know-how from over 10 years of project experience and know what customers need. But that’s not the only thing: We are able to assess exactly what is possible with data science, machine learning, and AI.  

    Develop promising ideas and seize the opportunity to start your own company with us as a co-founder. 

    Invest in the AI products of the future.

    Invest in the key technologies of the coming years alongside us. The potential of data science, machine learning, and AI are undisputed and continuously growing. Take advantage of this opportunity and shape the future with us. 

    André Bleier
    Head of AI Ventures